Coming to SWAP 1/21/12 – – recording the Moody Gardens RAP!

Moody Gardens Rap

by: The SWAP Kidz

Moody Gardens is a real cool place.

When we went there we got bugs in our face.

Saw a catapilla’ morph into a butta’fly,

And a bird named Cookie make a big poop pie!

Why oh why?

We can only sigh.

Saw nasty carnivores that looked really vicious.

When they saw us that thought we looked delicious!

Bats in the trees! Bugs everywhere!

If you ain’t careful, they’ll get all in your hair!

Why oh why?

We can only sigh.

Why oh why?

We can only sigh…


SWAP Treasure Boxes featured in Memorial Examiner

From Memorial Examiner December 8 2011:

SWAP– Students With Amazing Potential — is a Saturday program sponsored by Chapelwood United Methodist Church that offers participants a group lesson, small group discussion, team-building activities, arts and crafts, breakfast and lunch, and two field trips a year.

Last Saturday saw the group visiting the Newspring Art Studio where members made “treasure boxes” suitable for holiday gift-giving.