SWAP Community – Coaches and Students TEAM BUILD

Yesterday the SWAP Community focused on Legacy – and how your past, present and future are YOUR legacy.  Adrian and Victor led us through a team-building exercise – https://www.facebook.com/StudentsWithAmazingPotential to watch the students in action!


SWAP Service Project Day at Esperanza

We are very excited to announce that the 10/13 SWAP day will be held at Esperanza on North Campbell. Pastor Luis Palomo, Youth Director Victor Resendiz,  and Children’s Director Jennifer Palomo, have been planning a make-over on the Esperanza campus that includes creating a spectacular space for children’s Sunday School, student after-school programs (Elevate and Friday Nights), a very hip youth lounge, and space for adult gatherings.  The plans are developing as we speak and will include murals, functional (but unique) furniture & accessorizing, and some artistic guidance from Newspring Art Studio.

Esperanza has asked SWAP to come over and help them prepare the space for the make-over.  They need help clearing a storage area (think large dumpster and throwing away and sweeping!), and need help priming walls (think lots and lots of primer and white paint and cleaning!).

We’ll as always, in addition to the project efforts, run small groups within our new coached teams – -and hopefully Mr. Resendiz will share with us some thoughts on Dios de los Muertos.   Maybe we’ll have food trucks and loud music.  It’s up to you!

If you’d like to join the planning team for this SWAP 10/13 Service Project Saturday – please contact Chris Archer.  Among the planning and help that will be needed are –

  • food planning (trucks, box lunches, etc)
  • small group outlines — Dios de los Muertos / Service theme?  (within the overall theme of Legacy)
  • music?  (blasting out while we work?)
  • photos & videos – so we can share with the rest of the Chapelwood & beyond community the cool stuff going on with Esperanza and SWAP
  • SUPPLIES – I’ve heard tell that Home Depot will donate supplies and personnel for worthy community projects — we’ll be needing paint, primer, brooms, brushes, pans, etc — who is up for coordinating this?

Keep Coming Back It Works!!  thanks for all you do SWAP Community!

9/22 SWAP Saturday Legacy Lesson now available for Coaches & Assistants

Welcome SWAP Team!  We are so excited to welcome the Spring Oaks Middle School students to our 2012 – 2013 SWAP Year.  This year we’ll be focusing on the theme of Legacy — and what that means for a person’s past, present and future.

We have updated our format this year to improve the way we coordinate internally and more importantly to support us building relationships amongst ourselves and the students.  This new format is using the Team Sports format of Coaches & Assistants.

We have 7 ‘Head’ Coaches to lead 7 Small Groups of students.  These Head Coaches are John Banks, Beth Gower, Bob Gower, Ronnye Cowell, Joel Hall, Melissa Wigren and David Magdanz.  The Head Coaches will be contacting you to ask you to serve as their permanent Assistant Coaches.  Once the coaching staff is confirmed – you’ll work together as a coaching team throughout the full SWAP year.

Students will be assigned to a team – and they will stay with that team the full SWAP year.

We will be needing Coaches and Assistant coaches to help with Buses too — expect to be contact with that.  Beth Gower and Joel Hall have created worksheets & fun activities to do at bus stop & on buses.  This is a fun, exciting addition — a way to get the kids ‘oriented’ into the day’s theme before they arrive at Chapelwood.

We envision teams (students & Coaching staff) staying together throughout this year and future years — so you can rise up with the kids from 6th to 8th, for example, and really get to know each-other as a family and support community.

This is NEW!  There will be potholes and things we haven’t thought through!  Please help us find them and fix them.

This is really exciting and I cannot wait to kick off this Saturday.  Thank you so much for being a part of the SWAP team!

questions — Allison@allisongower.com (713-478-3266) or CArcher@chapelwood.org

Lesson for Coaching Staff available for download and review (for 9/22).