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Quick Reminders – 

– Each Month the Small Group outlines will be written specific to that month’s topic; and varying coaches will write the outlines.  Outlines will be posted the week before the event; and you can download and print

– The Small Group Rules are available all the time; please download and print a copy for your use at the events

Event Schedules will be posted prior to the event; please download and print for your use at the events





Air Alliance Houston’s Ozone Theater to Present to SWAP November 10th

Air Alliance Houston’s Ozone Theater group will join us for SWAP Saturday on November 10th.

Ozone Theater is an interactive enrichment program for Middle School students offered by Air Alliance Houston to teach students about the importance of air quality, air pollution, its sources, and its effects on human health.

Air Alliance Houston is joining us with two trained teaching artists and will lead a 45 minute workshop.  The teaching artists use drama-based educational techniques to teach students about air pollution. Students get up on their feet and move around the classroom as they act out situations related to air pollution. Curricula is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) objectives in science, health, language arts, and fine arts.  (…and I’ve just spent an hour on the phone with Tifani, one of the teachers, who is a past High School teacher, trained professionally in Theater Arts; working with Mosaic Theater in Houston, among other places, and I am convinced this program will be spectacular!)

Coaches — wear your improv hats & shoes – you will be asked to participate in the session as a real-live student!  And – you’ll be quizzed along with the students in a pre and post test — come ready to learn!

After the Ozone Theater presentation – we’ll run Small Groups AND Build a Solar Oven!

re: Attendance – Coaches & Team Staff — please register your attendance at the 11/10 event through the calendar invite you should have received via email.  If you don’t see an invite – email me ( to let me know.  Head Coaches — talk amongst yourselves to decide who will attend and lead groups on 11/10.

Watch “A Volunteer’s Legacy – SBISD Volunteer of the Month Ginny Itz” on YouTube

Paint and Cleaning gets Esperanza ready for Youth Lounge & more

The SWAP team, including the attending Spring Oaks Middle school students, spent Saturday cleaning (think lots of wood and dumpsters!) and painting (lots of white paint on walls and maybe some faces and hair) Esperanza.  This hard work is getting Esperanza one step closer to its vision of serving as a community hub for the North Spring Branch area — to include a revamped youth lounge for use on Elevate’s Friday Night programming, updated rooms for Sunday School and eventually an art studio and meeting rooms.  Thank you all for your service!

Photos of the Day posted on SWAP Facebook.



Ginny Itz honored as Spring Branch ISD Volunteer of the Month – featuring service to SWAP!

Ginny Itz – our beloved former SWAP team leader – was chosen as Spring Branch ISD’s volunteer of the month for October 2012.  Chris Archer nominated Ginny for her TIRELESS service to the SWAP ministry – which over the past 14 years has supported 1000’s of Spring Branch ISD Middle and High School students (as well as ministered to a whole bunch of us adults!).

This week the video crew from the ISD along with Toby and the rest of the CUMC communications team ‘surprised’ Ginny with her honor and captured footage for a film that will be shown 10/22 at the SBSID School Board.  As soon as we get our hands on the photos & footage – believe me – it will be posted for your enjoyment!

Yes – Ginny did cry!  It’s a good thing they didn’t ask her to setup a special day at a Museum (remember the Holocaust event?).

Ginny is hugely deserving of this honor and we join in thanking her for her service & dedication over the years to the students in SBISD and to us!


October 13 Legacy Through Service – SWAP at Esperanza

Our SWAP team will be meeting at Esperanza (3911 Campbell Road) on October 13 for a day of service.

The Esperanza community is creating a youth lounge, and sunday school and other worship space, and the SWAP team will be cleaning, painting and organizing.  We’ll be eating on Esperanza campus (our wonderful food team will deliver to us), will be serving in small groups in various areas around the Esperanza campus, and will be talking in a large group about legacy through service.

Small Group Outline:

Small teams will meet with their coaching staff – and review the Legacy Through Service small group questions.

The day’s schedule is available for you here.

Small Group Rules – – for use with every small group setting.