Take Me Out to the Ballpark: S.W.A.P. Students Explore Careers at Minute Maid Park


When most people think of a career at Minute Maid Park, they immediately think about working there as a player or coach. On October 12th, S.W.A.P. students learned that there are several different career options for people interested in working for the Houston Astros. Our students were the very first participants in a career-themed tour of the ballpark and learned about the many opportunities available to assist Houston’s home team from behind the scenes.

The tour included stops in a luxury suite, the press box, the Diamond Club and the dugout. Along the way, students visited with representatives from Ticket Sales & Service, Marketing, Analytics Development (a.k.a. “Moneyball”) and Special Events/Tours. Students asked great questions and learned so much more about working in sports.

What really made the experience come to life was our small group discussion at the conclusion of the tour thanks in large part to the Birkman Method® Areas of Interest Assessment that S.W.A.P. students took last month. Students reviewed their primary interest areas and were able to make immediate connections to the facets of careers at Minute Maid and the Birkman Colors with which they are associated. Trip organizers utilized a creative SWAP Career Bingo game and helped small group leaders implement an innovative worksheet, Birkman Method Areas of Interest with Houston Astros Careers,  which guided our conversation and allowed students to make even more connections with potential careers they may not have thought of before.  We are very thankful that students had the opportunity to take the Birkman Assessment as it has revolutionized how students get meaning out of each field experience we will have this year. Our first field trip a huge success and we will continue to expose S.W.A.P. students to more educational and career opportunities across Houston using their interest colors. Special thanks to Sharon Fink of Birkman International, Amy Taylor, our trip coordinators: Cherri Washington, Liss Lozano, Kim  Daily, and our outstanding mentors and for a facilitating such a great day!

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Oct 12th SWAP is a field trip to ASTROS – need your RSVP

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.48.22 AMAttention SWAP volunteers!

The Oct 12th SWAP field trip is to the ASTROS.  Ginny Itz is preparing worksheets that will outline the career opportunities at the ASTROS, and they will be color-coded by Birkman colors (yellow, red, green, blue).

We need to RSVP #’s because we will be getting a boxed lunch at the stadium.

If you are a volunteer and plan to attend the 4/12 field trip – please let Amy Taylor know NO LATER THAN 10/9 at ataylor@chaplewood.org or text your name and RSVP yes to the SWAP Assist line – 832-900-2226.

Buses will pickup the students at SOMS bus loop at 8:15.  Volunteers are to ride the buses too.  Meet at SOMS bus loop.  Breakfast will be served at the bus loop.


• Time of tour at ASTROS: 9:30-11:00

• Lunch: 11:00-11:45

• Small groups: 11:45-12:45

• Head back to bus loop: 12:45

• Parent pick up: 1:30